How Hungarian Designer's see A/W1617 trends

Nikolett Molnar

Posted on September 22 2016

How Hungarian Designer's see A/W1617 trends
Nini Molnar Bags got the honour to comment on her favourite A/W trends in an interview with Nők Lapja Café. The designer said the following:
"In the winter, I think the main focus is on accessories because of the layered dressing does not always helps to bring together our outfits as we imagined. Therefore, a special accessory will be trendy this season, and can be also very handy. It simply spices up the winter combinations.
Since I am often cold, my favorite article of clothing is a good warm winter scarf. This is why I designed this year's season Pom Scarf, which is very warm, soft and, not least, completely transforms gloomy winter clothing assemblies. What I especially love about this year's autumn and winter trends: bright colors, pink, mustard and velvet fabric. These are all present in my collection as well."
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