DRK x NINI MOLNAR Geisha Shoes

DRK x NINI MOLNAR Geisha Shoes


DRK x NINI MOLNAR Geisha Shoes

White and Silver Shoes in Sneaker style


You are also dreaming of inspirational womens life?

In case you are one of those women who would love to know strong, inspirational icons with their great personality, you must read "Memoir Of Geisha" novel. You will love to get lost in between their artsy lifestyle, while they were supposed to learn to walk in a shoes made from heavy wood, metaphor of taking powerful and strong steps in life road, when it gets so tough and unwalkable. 

Gorgeous designer NINI has inspired by their story to mix it up with her own strong will regard following her passion for hard working, so she has design a very special edition shoes for Hungarian brad DRK; what represent both aspect of a modern lady and old fashioned Geisha with admirable will and manner in life.


Made from Silver Plastic wedge

Made In Hungary