Mini Fussy Fuchsia Pompack

Mini Fussy Fuchsia Pompack


Mini Fussy Fuchsia Pompack
Mini Fussy Fuchsia Pompack comes with strong bold pink wool inspired by the coral reefs.

A piece of art inspired by the beauty of life, ocean and corals comes in a shape of fashionable fluffy backpack.

There are always people who would love to leave everything behind, but just take a backpack and solely fill it up with life, hope, love and memories to carry with them forever.

These kinds of people are adventurous and they eagerly fly with passion to discover the meaning of life. In the needs of person who loves to carry an inimitable, colorful backpack in a perfect mini size to solely carry the essentials for adventuring easily, freely and happily during the four seasons.

Made In Hungary

Made from 100% ethically sourced sheep’s wool and genuine calf leather. Silver details and elastic fastening at top.

Comes with a branded Nini Molnar dustbag.

Bag height 25 cm 
Width 25 cm plus fur length