Peachy Nude Starbag

Peachy Nude Starbag

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Peachy Nude Starbag
Who doesn’t love to carry a piece of universe with them every day, everywhere to achieve goals and dreams? Of-course we all cherish to carry a Starbag with us, with a sign of universe on it.

Peachy Nude Starbag comes with a very warm and chic beige-nude leather and a matchy gold chain.

Starbag has been inspired by the most fascinating, beautiful and picturesque element in the world “Universe”.  Starbags are designed to fit the needs of the woman who is controlling her world and conquer everything to achieve her beautiful dreams.

While the stars designed on the bag by Nini Molnar will make you stand out as an unrivaled woman who is sparkle all the day.

Made from genuine Italian pressed leather. Features quality metal parts and zip closure.

Comes with a branded Nini Molnar dustbag.

Height 14.5 cm
Lenght 20.5 cm
Width 6.5 cm
Chain length 120 cm


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